Achieve excellence in the supply of parts and pieces, continuously improving the performance of our Integrated Management System, giving priority to ethics, health and safety of people and preservation of the environment.


Achieve representative participation in the global market, and be recognized as a benchmark in the supply of high quality parts and pieces, with agility and flexibility, ensuring the profitability of the business for customers and shareholders.


We value the satisfaction of our clients, since they are the reason for our existence and strengthening as a brand. Mainly, we value and respect people – our work teams / collaborators / transporters and complementary services, who are capable of doing what is required to achieve our objectives.

Respect the environment and integrate social responsibility into our policies and habits, contributing to the growth of a just society with prospects for the future.

These are the values reflected in our ethical and moral conduct, always transparent and based on trust towards our clients, consumers and collaborators.